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Been a looong time.

But I’m back.

I happen to get envious with a stranger who keeps her blog updated. So, I decided to gather my things and reside here. Blog, yet again. I’m not really sure how and why I stopped months ago. I just did.

It’s summer time! And I’m 18 already. So? 🙂 Hahaha…

It’s not summer that I wish to discuss here, though. For all my imaginary friends know, summer isn’t really my kind of weather. I hate getting sunburns. Eeeekkk!  I soo hate that clammy feeling due to the sun’s heat. Then again, it’s the longest vacation a full-time academician could ever get, so I sort of had to spare some love for it.

Here’s what’s in my mind very recently:

Bad news: I won’t be able to finish my CWA (Campus Writing and Advising) Specialization this summer.

Worse news forecast: I don’t think I will be able to use my time productively for the entire summer! Heavens!

Worst news forecast: I’d be pigging out the entire summer; uniforms will no longer fit come June 7. LOL 🙂

Mega Worst: I’ll be burdened with the household chores. What a deee-lightful way to spend my summer! *grrr…

So yeah, hopefully, *fingers not only crossed, but already twisted* I can devise a way to make my summer fruitful, fun-filled and chores-free. Hahaha… I’ll tell myself what? DREAM ON. XD

Im’a hit the sack. -_-

^-^ em-ey-ef-ef-why?