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Oh! By the way..

Ahhhhhhhhh… Two more sleeps and school’s on again. I’m feeling anxious about meeting my new blockmates on Monday. Right. It’s like starting all over again with the infamous introduce-yourself-nonsense. Hah :)) kiddin’

So yea, nothing much has been going on with my life. I spent the first half of the two-month summer vacation attending my Specialization Class in Campus Writing and Advising. And of course, my devious plan was a success – that shall be kept a secret. Hahah! :)) After that, I went to my hometown, that is Lucban, Quezon, on the second week of May. Then pretty much did nothing for the following weeks up til now.

By the way, I already have my Facebook account. I felt like it’s a fad I have to get updated with. LOL 😀 Whoever reads this, you might as well would want to add me up. How pathetic. 😛

And and and, I also want to promote this game which have been occupying me lately due to extreme boredom:

Check this one out and go berserk!

Check this one out and go berserk!

It might be eye-straining, but then, it really is full of fun! 😀

That’s about it. I would soon post pictures of my newly-adopted pandas named Woo-woo and Sofia. 😀