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…say what?

Hooey! Another post. Whew! I missed me blog.

SPECIAL A closed curtain last March 31, 2009, 7:00pm, TV5. “FIN” Awww.. terrible, terrible news for me. It’s just darn depressing that it was open-ended. I was all like… “What? That’s it?”. I hope they could do the rest of the manga.

Anyway, going back to the real world, I’m officially enrolled for my summer classes! Yippee! I’ll be taking up Specialization in Campus Writing and Advising, starting April 13 to March 1st week. Check out my sked:

7Am-10am Copyreading and Headline Writing

10am-1pm Ethics and Law of the Press

2pm-5pm Photojournalism and Layouting

Talk about induced headaches. Lol 😀 Guess, I could handle that. Heehee.