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Summer makes me miss school. Really.

Been hanging out with myself lately. All alone inside my room watching the Supernatural series; falling in love with the main character, Dean Winchester while nibbling on whatever junk food’s available in the kitchen. Lucky; mom and dad’s been so understanding that they just leave me be. No sermons. No nothing. I feel glad and relieved about it.

Boredom is eating me up!

Well, I happen to have an induced insomnia (because I don’t think I do have insomnia) or maybe we could just call it a messed-up circadian rhythm (that we typically refer to as the ‘body clock’) that’s kept me wide awake ever since summer began. I was thinking a while back what to type on that “What’s on your mind?”-box on Facebook and came up with thisI foresee a boring day tomorrow. Kinda makes me miss school. And the thought of blogging–about it–suddenlyย  occurred to me. So, I did.

Summertime. Weather’s scorching hot… uncomfy and unpleasant, check! no silay, check! no allowance, check! grrr.. Nevertheless, I think it’s safe to assume that for many students, it’s the best season of the year. For one, they are (temporarily) relieved of all the school stuffs–pressure, requirements, prelim, midterm, finals, and the professors (if I may add). And second, it’s the longest among the breaks! You have recesses, Halloween break (All-Soul’s and All-Saint’s), Christmas Break, and other non-working holidays that only last for maybe a couple of days or weeks, but summer break? Two months, dude. That’ s almost all the breaks, combined! Okay, I don’t know if I’m miscalculating… or making any sense at all, but who the hell cares anyway? ๐Ÿ™‚

Maybe summer is great because you get to do pretty much whatever you want as long as you have the money. Maybe summer is fun because you can hang out with your friends anytime as long as they don’t have any pre-arranged trips of some sort. Maybe summer is… or could be… unforgettable because something significant happened. But yeah, most of my summers… they’re forgettable.

Maybe I’m bored, you can say that; why I’m writing all this nonsense about summer and school. But I really envy those students who are about to wake up maybe two hours from now to prepare for school. I wish I could do something… ‘scholastic’–of or relating to school. Too literal? Lol. ๐Ÿ™‚

And over these hot summer days, anyway, I still and will always go for clammy rainy days.


One rainy afternoon in PNU

Even if they turn out to be like that.

Because sunburns suck. And you don’t get a tan from angry rain clouds, do you? ๐Ÿ™‚


Been a looong time.

But I’m back.

I happen to get envious with a stranger who keeps her blog updated. So, I decided to gather my things and reside here. Blog, yet again. I’m not really sure how and why I stopped months ago. I just did.

It’s summer time! And I’m 18 already. So? ๐Ÿ™‚ Hahaha…

It’s not summer that I wish to discuss here, though. For all my imaginary friends know, summer isn’t really my kind of weather. I hate getting sunburns. Eeeekkk! ย I soo hate that clammy feeling due to the sun’s heat. Then again, it’s the longest vacation a full-time academician could ever get, so I sort of had to spare some love for it.

Here’s what’s in my mind very recently:

Bad news: I won’t be able to finish my CWA (Campus Writing and Advising) Specialization this summer.

Worse news forecast: I don’t think I will be able to use my time productively for the entire summer! Heavens!

Worst news forecast: I’d be pigging out the entire summer; uniforms will no longer fit come June 7. LOL ๐Ÿ™‚

Mega Worst: I’ll be burdened with the household chores. What a deee-lightful way to spend my summer! *grrr…

So yeah, hopefully, *fingers not only crossed, but already twisted* I can devise a way to make my summer fruitful, fun-filled and chores-free. Hahaha… I’ll tell myself what? DREAM ON. XD

Im’a hit the sack. -_-

^-^ em-ey-ef-ef-why?