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…say what?

Hooey! Another post. Whew! I missed me blog.

SPECIAL A closed curtain last March 31, 2009, 7:00pm, TV5. “FIN” Awww.. terrible, terrible news for me. It’s just darn depressing that it was open-ended. I was all like… “What? That’s it?”. I hope they could do the rest of the manga.

Anyway, going back to the real world, I’m officially enrolled for my summer classes! Yippee! I’ll be taking up Specialization in Campus Writing and Advising, starting April 13 to March 1st week. Check out my sked:

7Am-10am Copyreading and Headline Writing

10am-1pm Ethics and Law of the Press

2pm-5pm Photojournalism and Layouting

Talk about induced headaches. Lol 😀 Guess, I could handle that. Heehee.


3 months later..

Me back! XD

Everything’s just fine since my boring new year’s day. It’s pretty out of the ordinary since it’s my first new year that I didn’t get a hold of any paputok or pailaw. I think that pailaw term is really pinoy, thus, corny. ^-^

Oh BTW, kudos to me! lol XD I passed the BSE-English Qualifying Exams. Ranked third, so to speak. Hihi. Just fun. I think I messed up a bit in the interview though. Whew! Me anxiety won’t be halted til I see me name on the final list of passers.

About the love month… no comment. Just “hahahaha!” for Valentine’s Day. Cupid’s not meddle with me life for 9 months now. ^-^ Happy though. *..all the single ladies.. (all the single ladies..) now put yer hands up!*

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the end of the semester! Not because of the summer vacation, since I’m not really anticipating anything exciting about summer. No plans yet.

oooh love. XD *sour grapes*

Malja O. succumbed to heat stroke. Tragic.


Yeah. He’s our family friend/pest/toy/past time/pet hamster. Too bad, he’s suppose to be a year old this December. *tears.. That’s bad slash good news.

In loving memories of Malja O.
In loving memories of Malja O.

Malja O.’s death’s Bad news:

1. What the hell should we do with his food left-overs?

2. Who the hell would use the hamster ball?

3. No more stress-reliever for my mom.


Malja O.’s death’s Good news:

1. No more gastos for his’ sunflower seeds, etc.

2. No more squealing hamsties at midnight! *hoorah!* Because they’re freakin’ nocturnal, ayt?

3. Stress free ME! ^-^

And.. that’s the latest news.

Let’s pray for the eternal repose of Malja O.’s soul. Thanks. 😀

All used up. XD

Whew! 1st sem is officially over. Rawr! ^-^

I am ineffably ecstatic about the sembreak. I’m planning to have movie marathons everyday! Yieeh. This is LIFE! I really want lose some weight, and I simply don’t know where and how to start. I’m all – whatever! Nwei, I wrote on my majorship choice form, ENGLISH as my 1st choice, and out of nowhere, General Science as the 2nd and the 3rd? Uhmm.. *No way!* I totally forgot. Eeekkk! -baLeeew-

I feel so relieved like I had never been relieved before.

BTW, take a peek on my next sem’s sked:

Mondays & Thursdays

9AM-10AM   Pers. Ed.

10AM-11:30 Phil. Gov’t. & Consti.

11:30-1PM   Humanities

2:30-4PM     Acad. Reading & Writing (Lab it!)

4PM-5:30     FIL-02

Tuesdays & Fridays

7AM-8:30     Biology (eekkk!!)

8:30-10AM   Math-02

11:30-1PM   Psychology o_O

1PM-2:30     Rhythms and Dance

*heLL* I hate the 7AM class! I hate waking up soo early. Ugh. God help me!

I’m happy happy right now. No everything except me and my 3F’s. Faith Family Friends. Oops! + Food. Making it 4F’s. Haha! ^-^

P.S. I want my Google Earth!

Look at me mom.. LSS.. ^-^

Swear! I keep on mumbling that (stupid) lyrics from Shawie’s commercial. Grrr. Can’t get rid of it.

And.. hell days are ‘almost’ over. Thank God.

I finished another novel today. *big.grin* Tell Me Your Dreams. Sheldon Novel. ^-^ An unusual story. The antagonist was also the protagonist. The main character, Ashley Patterson was not jailed in spite of castrating and murdering five men. (The plot was soo twisted! Rather expected from the master storyteller though. Heh.) It’s because she is suffering from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). I remembered reporting about this back in HS. Nwei. So instead of locking her up, she was sent to an asylum to cure her. Lucky girl. She had 2 alter egos pala, Toni and Alette. And Toni was responsible for the murders. Kewl.

I learned that a person suffering from MPD commonly names her alters according to her initials. As for Ashley Patterson -that’s an A.P.- she had an Alette Peters and an Antoinette (Toni) Prescott.

So next time you commit a crime. Tell everyone your innocent, and it was your alter who did it.

~ Sweet Escape ~ Hahaha!

Going back to my real world. I scored okay with my midterm exams in Philippines History. I’m done with my strenuous report in Physical Science. I did well in my happy quiz in Math, i just screw up a bit in my Values Ed. exam. This coming Tuesday, we’ll be having a re-take on our Phil. His. midterm, repeating every bit of torment on reviewing the whole story of the Spanish Period. Hell. Hell. Hell. Hopefully, I’d do better. Err.

This week I’m up for the pseudo-extemporaneous speech, as my prof. termed it. And up to this point, my imaginary friends are still arguing which of my nonsense topic should I take. My first choice was to talk about the “greener pasture” of daydreaming and the other was to talk about *drum.rolls* the blogosphere! Yah I got it. They are both non-listener friendly topics but when I consulted ma’am academic-listening-and-speaking she rather commented it with a “both topics are good” and a hundreds of BUT blah-blah-blah. And all I did was nod, or say “right ma’am”, “i understand”, “okay”. I got her point anyway. Also, she told me, to change my title about daydreaming and it will be fine because she don’t want me persuading my classmates that daydreaming is a good thing. Well, it sure is. Are there any other euphemisms? God help me. Oh, I texted her earlier if I could shift to discussing the 7 deadly sins and here’s what she replied – “It’s pretty long and i don’t think the audience would want to hear about the 7 capital sins. Choose a more positive topic for a speech NOT a sermon.” Wehehe. Got it.

I can feel the heat of Christmas! Whew. It’s effin hot. Global warming? It’s soo overrated. It sucks when the air is exaggeratedly humid and even if Mr. Gravity has been exaggeratedly acting upon your eyelids, you just can’t sleep because your house just turned into an exaggeratedly huge sauna and there’s nothing else to turn to but the exaggeratedly worn out electric fan! – my best friend. That’s how exaggeratedly my day went. Aside from texting ’til my thumb swelled. That’s another hyperbole. *ching*

[Oops! And.. at the middle of my making this post, it suddenly rain. Hard. Argh. Great. *sarcasm*]

Sept. 01 is PNU’s Foundation Day and we’ll be having a parade! *grin* No classes? *fingers crossed*

I got a new definition for NBSB – No Boyfriend Since Break-up. KewL.

Therefore, I’m still an NBSB. Hak. *maipilit* Haha! ^-^ Now I can go to bed.

745 Harhariffic!

Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.

~Kelly Harris, Are you Afraid of the Dark? Sheldon Novel

I super enjoyed this novel! Wiieehh. Another unfolded mystery. Whew! uber hands-down to Sidney. ^_^ *clap.clap* I adore his writings.

Yiniwei, I already wrapped up (which I consider) a major [Phil. His.] and a minor [Eco.] report just last week. I’m completely relieved, but still anxious, because I have 2 more major and minor reports to go. A little disclosure, I didn’t actually know why until this time, I’m still panic-stricken whenever I talk or even just stand in front of a crowd. The feeling is totally awkward and inexplicable. Y’see, I’ve done a lot of public speeches and yet, I’m still engulfed by a reign of terror every time I do so. Yee ryt. Looser. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I’m still hoping that I would get over with it as soon as… when?

Ooh, BTW, last Aug. 13, that’s a Wednesday, we had our field trrrip!!! It was hell of a trip. I enjoyed most of the time, because I’m seated next to our class “clown”, who happened to be eekie_bear. Wait! I’m tammy_bear, BTW. And we call our section, Pamilya ng Oso. I kind of started these bear names thingy *paOso*, and it was surprisingly F-U-N. Weennk. And yah, we started revising our family tree [again]. It’s disastrous, ryt. Who the hell would think of doing such a thing? Ugh. Kame lang. =P

And here comes another throbbing pain from my system’s think tank. Awww. I’m just not so used to sleeping on time; it has been causing me stress. I sort of got used to it anyway.

Read Bob Ong’s Ang Alamat ng Gubat? and Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas? It was like a looong blog post pala. Now I know why people are so engrossed with his hilarious and entertaining books. Thanks to Drew! Weenkk. Special mention.

Am I thinking-typing gibberish now? W’ever.

All I know is that, I’m crushing on someone. Let’s just nickname him MJ, which I found handwritten on his filthy bag. Okay. I’m soo happy for myself last Friday. Ryt. Ryt. And what, or should I say, who else makes me this happy? you-know-who. There’s this cutie, with a boy-next-door aura, fair complexion, with a meek pair of brown eyes, forget about the nose, and well-shaped lips, about 3 inches taller than me, masculine, plus! no gaydar alarm. Swear! Yes. Who happened to be schooling at UE, just some kilometers away from PNU. Great! I was behind him, and he was totally oblivious that I was already setting “our” plans in life. Haha! Kidding. I was trying to recognize some scent of perfume but there was none. Awww… In the middle of my almost drowning reverie, eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!! He turned around and talked to me. Wait. I almost faint, didn’t I? Hak. Pulse rate? Dead. And suddenly told myself, -act natural- Fine. W’ever. And he said, “Ahm.. Miss, itatapon ko lang ‘to.” While pointing to his empty cup of McFloat. Sabay walkout. I can’t really distinguish why I — I… I… hell..! toinkz. All I was able to do was, nod. And he went back, without any more words. Ganun lang kababaw. At masaya na ko dun.

I was able to ride an FX at 9am, and I was right, I was late for my first class [Pers. Ed.], first late in my just-starting college (hi)story! Awww. Crap. So I just dawdle around the campus while happily sipping my mango shake, I bought a new pony tail and finally, rested (while reflecting on my blah-blah, whatever it might be called, that happened just an hour earlier) under the indistinguishable tree at the heart, (or was it just the liver?) of PNU. Haha. Should I suffer this consequence? Hell.

After the dismissal, it rained cats and dogs again. But, for some reasons, I didn’t get wet this time. Yey!

I got home safe and sound… ^_^

Doing repetitive and illogical things are signs of being stressed.

Stressed ka ba?

Me? I totally am. I asked my prof. if redundantly opening the fridge without any sensible business a symptom? and she directly told me… with a quick glance on my name tag, “Yes, Fatima that may be a sign of you being stressed.” [She called me by my name!] I just told myself, Sure. Whatever.

People will never leave you the way they found you. Makes sense, right?

Thanks to Him.

MsoNormal ;)

Days are practically getting normal as I normally try to cope with my not-so-normal getting-a-life catch-22 (whatever catch-22 meant). Teehee.

Yiniwei, I happen to bump into some once in a lifetime unfortunate, quite foolish and hilarious event I will ever have. Just last last last week, (or I can simply say 2nd week of June), an odd, apparently grubby hobo barged in our compound asking for alms. He was quite ordinary but what made him different was his being finicky. He handed his filthy solicitation letter written on a carton (of cigarette, I suppose) with some sort of ancient writings, which are impossible to decipher, or was it calligraphy or hieroglyphic? Oh well, so much for the details. What my dad did, which my mom told him to do, was give the poor fellow the unfortunate leftovers in the kitchen. And so he did. Guess what? He strongly refused the good offer. I was like all-whoah, I mean, huh? Choosy’ng pulube. His’ lost.

Another thing is, going home has been a routinely torment for my daily survival. Yikes! Getting off buses is really testing my flexibility stance. I feel like a ham being pulled from a tightly packed sandwich. Anything worst? *yaargh* It’s bearable though.

And… as for my piece of torture on my feet – my shoes, it has been getting along well with my fussy feet. Errr.

And… my late Christmas gift for myself… My very own tote bag… Yey! Finally… plus! a Sidney Sheldon novel. Everything is fittingly natural… (excluding the professors, laborious reports and nonstop reading! hmp.)

Nothing’s weird though.