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Oh! By the way..

Ahhhhhhhhh… Two more sleeps and school’s on again. I’m feeling anxious about meeting my new blockmates on Monday. Right. It’s like starting all over again with the infamous introduce-yourself-nonsense. Hah :)) kiddin’

So yea, nothing much has been going on with my life. I spent the first half of the two-month summer vacation attending my Specialization Class in Campus Writing and Advising. And of course, my devious plan was a success – that shall be kept a secret. Hahah! :)) After that, I went to my hometown, that is Lucban, Quezon, on the second week of May. Then pretty much did nothing for the following weeks up til now.

By the way, I already have my Facebook account. I felt like it’s a fad I have to get updated with. LOL 😀 Whoever reads this, you might as well would want to add me up. How pathetic. 😛

And and and, I also want to promote this game which have been occupying me lately due to extreme boredom:

Check this one out and go berserk!

Check this one out and go berserk!

It might be eye-straining, but then, it really is full of fun! 😀

That’s about it. I would soon post pictures of my newly-adopted pandas named Woo-woo and Sofia. 😀



Looser with a shadow. Love it.

Title’s about? Nah. Just a new, beyond-CS jargon. ^_^

Best things really happen when you least expect. Tragedies too, though.

Anyways, I started my day irate because, aside from sleeping on the stiff, narrow sofa in the living room, I woke up with all the throw pillows on the floor which I must’ve kicked off the couch while I was asleep, with an 8 o’clock mom’s-voice-alarm! Eeekk! It effin completed my day. T’sucks. It’s quite a long story why I wasn’t able to go to our bedroom last night, which, too, was because of my ‘rents.

Today’s krrr.. fiesta! My uncs and aunts… and my mom.. [right..] were so busy preparing all the dishes for the v(w)isitors. And me? I want to do nothing. I just want to get some more sleep. But there’s also nothing that I could do to escape from the chores. So.. blah-blah-blah..

At around 8pm, my same old brand new HS friends came, and we decided to drop by Villa Munsod to watch the Battle of the Bands. We waited for like.. half an hour before the event began only to be disappointed. I have no more than a “huh?”-reaction. And yah, the amateur bands were all losers with a shadow. Kiddin’. ^_^

We wasted another 30 minutes to hear some more eardrum-shattering band “noises” and finally started walking home, when the rain suddenly poured heavily. We were all soakin’ wet, so we just resorted to staying at Bert’s abode. And another half an hour was spent, after that we finally.. as in finally.. hopped in a trike and went home.

Whew! Another boring post. Another wasted weekend. *bow*

(~wantertin~ I just hope we won’t get lost looking for Philam Theater.)

HEE YAH! *kung fu fighting* ^___^

Happy. Happy. Happy.



Everything turned out very well. We went to Mega and watched kids’ -or my- most awaited film. Haha! Kung Fu Panda *yaargghh*. We got there at around lunch time and bought our tickets. *yipee!* And since lunch time is ahmm.. ah? time for eating lunch ^_^ we grabbed some cheese-and-beef packed nachos, and whatever flavored plato wraps, and yah.. mineral water.

It was an awesome movie. 5 stars. Perfect. Right.

Haha! That’s it.

A Tragic Tragedy to a Euphoric Escapade

This is the worst and the best. *yaarggh*

I never thought of going through such hellish disaster – BCE SP! If not for a rather favorable-for-me reason, I wouldn’t be enduring the elbow-to-elbow scenario I had been experiencing since the first day of the scholarship application. According to former scholars, it was not that difficult to apply for the scholarship but as it popularize for the help it had already given, more and more students that may include me, began flocking in the very confined space near the office.

We had gone back and forth a gugilion times and always ending up dismayed, up to the extent that self-pity thoughts had already filled up my sanity. I mean, why would I torture my self? It was very very unreasonable and non-systematic. At the crack of dawn, magically, you wouldn’t find me comfortably meditating on unconsciousness on my panda-bed anymore. Cruelty coupled with financial scantiness is a real crazy combination that would lead anybody anywhere he/she wanted to be. It’s a tough.. veeeryy tough offensive foundation to assassinate whoever comes on our way. *yaarggh* O well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration. But we did struggle hard up to the last minute. The overnight thing must not be trashed. I almost got myself killed that time – hallucinations and weird imaginations – whatever.

Determination was present since Day 1 (May 29, 2008)… I got up lazily, most probably, from the wrong side of the bed. ^_^ Groggy with my witchy hair-do, I fixed my seemingly ransacked beddings. I just took a sip of milo, got my self dressed up and I was green-to-go. We got there at around 6am only to find out that we are already signing for the numbers 200+. Down and hopeless, we still stood there for some more decades for further announcements and again, just to be informed that… tadah! 150 is the cut-off. Great! Just great.

Honestly, I never really intended to use it for my education, although reasons, HUGE reasons had popped out for me to do so. And so, coerced to have this pushed through, there’s no more turning back. Saturday is rest day and Sunday is up for another struggle. Still having second thoughts for backing out, my mom asked me for the last time (i suppose) if I still want to go on with it. With “Mr. HUGE reason” bugging my whole being, I just said, I do. I txted Jake (around 7pm) to let him know that I want to come. With his nerve-wracking reply that 115 (Abby) was the last number – no more thinking twice – I called up Aina to tag her along. Take this down, I never dressed up that fast; never walked that fast; never gone 1km away from home without taking a bath. Right. I stink. When we finally got there, I never felt more relieved in my life. Lucky number is 130.

Clock strikes 9:20pm and I readily feel clammy all over my system. Leaving Jake and Aina back there – sitting, slouching and maneuvering all the positions they could ever think of on the hard & cold semi-tiled floor, Abby and I went back home to have a cold, refreshing shower. We got back at 10:10pm, energy level? Still in the mid. And I lasted the whole night watching faces of hopeful scholars with eye-bags. I got one hell of an eye-bag too. Concealers would make no effect, really. ^_^

Sunset is here. Rise and shine. We need JUSTICE.

As 8 o’clock gets nearer, more and more students swarm the whole area. After the 12-hour-hiatus, it was downright disappointing to hear the announcement that those who signed last Friday would be considered that day. I can already see everything crumbling down as they were entertaining those fortunate late-comers who fortunately signed on that fortunate stupid paper! If only I could torn that paper right in front of their faces!! Grrrr..

Once again, down & troubled, hopeless and completely miserable, I can hear my gut burbling. This is one hell of a flatulation (just look it up). Jake, Aina and I went to the nearest fast food chain to grab our early lunch. *burp* My stomach started talking ramblingly again. Shhh..

When we got back, Abby The Ultimate MASA (Masandal-Tulog) decided to go home and sleep leaving us three with nothing but upset stomachs. I already txted my mom that I won’t go home without anything but stress. I’ve had enough. 10 minutes later. “Uyy, may pinagkakagukuhan!” Of course, we ran. And ran. And ran towards the entrance of the City Hall and up to the 6th floor. At first, I though it was a BCE-version of The Amazing Race but on the second thought, it was more of the Scavenger Hunt. It sucks. All I am hearing was indistinct noises and hyperventilations. What a perfect exercise. Crap.

After that, onwards was heaven. Good news came flooding in. Everybody would be scheduled for application so as to be more systematized and most especially, we had.. FREE Food! Woohoo..

Lessons we had? It pays to be patient. Daig ng maagap ang masikap. Di bale ng may kabag basta skolar. ‘Pag may tiyaga, may BURGER! ^_^

It’s my eldest sister’s birthday yesterday (June 02). Anyways, we were scheduled to go back at 4 that afternoon to have our requirements submitted. We did. Aina cried for loosing her patience and some weight as well for running from ICC to the City Hall. Good job!

It paid off.

(#3 has been meddling in my life lately.)


Downright Breath-taking!

After four years, I got my tonsils and voice box overworked again. I mean overworked. Almost got my voice hoarse. It’s EK. Never been better.

I’ve never heard all those ear-drum shattering screams since the 5th grade, when I first got there. It’s still as awesome as before. Only, it might have shrunk from my point of view. Y’know. I got a little taller. A “little” – humbly said. And, for the second time, I mean it’s more of a ‘chance’, I did not, even to my faintest imagination, tried that soul-fissioning SPACE SHUTTLE. Right.

Yiniwei, still jammed about the upcoming panda movie. I really want to see that. Hee yah! And, btw, I had signed up to last night and found out lots of mind-feeders. I had checked on the All Time Top 10 favorite and must-see animals in the world. And, pretend that I didn’t know, PANDAS are on the top of the list! Followed by Tigers, Elephants, Polar Bear, Whales, Penguin, Dolphins, Gorilla, Wolves and down to the Top 10 – Lions. Nature is cool. lol. XD

And, my phone is starting to get shot. Grrrr. It’s restarting frequently just like my other phone does. My mom’s gonna kill me if I’d get this phone busted too. Help me, Goddess of CP’s. =P

That’s how my life goes.