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Summer makes me miss school. Really.

Been hanging out with myself lately. All alone inside my room watching the Supernatural series; falling in love with the main character, Dean Winchester while nibbling on whatever junk food’s available in the kitchen. Lucky; mom and dad’s been so understanding that they just leave me be. No sermons. No nothing. I feel glad and relieved about it.

Boredom is eating me up!

Well, I happen to have an induced insomnia (because I don’t think I do have insomnia) or maybe we could just call it a messed-up circadian rhythm (that we typically refer to as the ‘body clock’) that’s kept me wide awake ever since summer began. I was thinking a while back what to type on that “What’s on your mind?”-box on Facebook and came up with thisI foresee a boring day tomorrow. Kinda makes me miss school. And the thought of blogging–about it–suddenly  occurred to me. So, I did.

Summertime. Weather’s scorching hot… uncomfy and unpleasant, check! no silay, check! no allowance, check! grrr.. Nevertheless, I think it’s safe to assume that for many students, it’s the best season of the year. For one, they are (temporarily) relieved of all the school stuffs–pressure, requirements, prelim, midterm, finals, and the professors (if I may add). And second, it’s the longest among the breaks! You have recesses, Halloween break (All-Soul’s and All-Saint’s), Christmas Break, and other non-working holidays that only last for maybe a couple of days or weeks, but summer break? Two months, dude. That’ s almost all the breaks, combined! Okay, I don’t know if I’m miscalculating… or making any sense at all, but who the hell cares anyway? 🙂

Maybe summer is great because you get to do pretty much whatever you want as long as you have the money. Maybe summer is fun because you can hang out with your friends anytime as long as they don’t have any pre-arranged trips of some sort. Maybe summer is… or could be… unforgettable because something significant happened. But yeah, most of my summers… they’re forgettable.

Maybe I’m bored, you can say that; why I’m writing all this nonsense about summer and school. But I really envy those students who are about to wake up maybe two hours from now to prepare for school. I wish I could do something… ‘scholastic’–of or relating to school. Too literal? Lol. 🙂

And over these hot summer days, anyway, I still and will always go for clammy rainy days.


One rainy afternoon in PNU

Even if they turn out to be like that.

Because sunburns suck. And you don’t get a tan from angry rain clouds, do you? 🙂


All used up. XD

Whew! 1st sem is officially over. Rawr! ^-^

I am ineffably ecstatic about the sembreak. I’m planning to have movie marathons everyday! Yieeh. This is LIFE! I really want lose some weight, and I simply don’t know where and how to start. I’m all – whatever! Nwei, I wrote on my majorship choice form, ENGLISH as my 1st choice, and out of nowhere, General Science as the 2nd and the 3rd? Uhmm.. *No way!* I totally forgot. Eeekkk! -baLeeew-

I feel so relieved like I had never been relieved before.

BTW, take a peek on my next sem’s sked:

Mondays & Thursdays

9AM-10AM   Pers. Ed.

10AM-11:30 Phil. Gov’t. & Consti.

11:30-1PM   Humanities

2:30-4PM     Acad. Reading & Writing (Lab it!)

4PM-5:30     FIL-02

Tuesdays & Fridays

7AM-8:30     Biology (eekkk!!)

8:30-10AM   Math-02

11:30-1PM   Psychology o_O

1PM-2:30     Rhythms and Dance

*heLL* I hate the 7AM class! I hate waking up soo early. Ugh. God help me!

I’m happy happy right now. No everything except me and my 3F’s. Faith Family Friends. Oops! + Food. Making it 4F’s. Haha! ^-^

P.S. I want my Google Earth!


Aryt. I’ve been floating on my inexplicable insanity these past weeks. And, I could hardly imagine where my so-called life is heading to. *exagg.* Well, things have just been way out of whack. Goodness. Plus! These immaturish events & stuffs:

1. Reciting during English class. Nakoo! Isang malaking E-W-A-N. Whenever I try to recite on my “Academic Listening and Speaking” class – awww, I awfully feel like jumping out of my skin. Freeak. But, it’s entirely different from my other classes where I freely speak aloud with NO sweat. *wink* So much for my kayabangan. Still, I’m such a major loser.

2. Ferry Fever! I smell independence! LOL. Pero, feeling ko lang un. Nakakaaliw lang isipin na kung s’an-s’an na ko nakakarating ngayon nang mag-isa. Burger! Major achievement. Whew! Kaso, with this face ^_^ maniacal monsters (i’m referring to one of the PF crews) are unavoidable. I suuper hate it. Eewie.

3. My dysfunctional phone. Should I or should I not? Ganto kaxe, mei warranty pa cia. Kaso, sabi ng classmate ko, pangit na daw ung phone baka di na tanggapin (hindi naman sobrang panget noh). Ganun ba un? Anyhow, I’m really pissed about my phone.

4. My new nick – MAFFY. Actually, it was originally spelled as m-a-f-i-e, but as I googled this immature -ish nick, to my surprise… Tadah! mafie is the plural from of mafia. Gahd. It fits! *freeak* I just stick with my classmate, Kezia’s spelling em-ae-ef-ef-way.

5. iPod!!! I freakin’ want one. And, I’m getting myself one. Hmp! What maffy wants, maffy gets. *yaarghh* Pa’no na lang ako magmo-moment sa mga PUV kung walang background music sa kawalan. Ah basta!

6. Stressed *ILLOGICAL BUS* Drivers. Grabee! Nakakasira talaga ng araw. Ganto kaxe, kinakailangan kong sumakay ng jeep mula sa aking mahal na Pamantasang Normal ng Pilipinas, patungong Escolta dahil mahal ko na nga ang ferry. At aun nga, nakasakay kame ng aking new-found friend, si Disalyn, na jan lang pala sa Bambang nakatira, sa loob ng jeep [na may sign board na Divisoria]. Pero, hindi importante ‘yang detalye na ‘yan. Gusto ko lang i-type. At aun nga, nakakairita ang mga BUS drayber na hindi nag-iisip, hindi nag-oobserba at hindi ko na alam. Eto nga ung eksena, nasa bungad kame ng intersection, tapos may dambuhalang BUS sa likod namen kung saan ang BUS drayber na hindi nag-iisip, hindi nag-oobserba at hindi ko na alam ang nagmamaneho. Chanak. Xempre may traffic light di ba? Ngunit sa di malamang kadahilanan paulit-ulit siyang nagbubusina para umandar ang jeep na sinasakyan ko, eeh, ANU BAH? RED pa kaya ung ilaw? Color blind ba cia o hobby niya talaga ang mag-beep beep? At aun ngah, kulang na lang mabingi ako sa ginagawa niya. Nakoo. Isusumbong ko siya kay bonggang bonggang Bong Bong! ^-^ Yeez.

7. Hair cut! Should I or should I not? Think.. think.. And should I also have my hair treated? Think.. think..

8. Hellishly hellish Majorship. Grabee litong litong litong lito na ko. ‘Pag nainis ako, magm-MUSIC Major ako. Weenk! As if papasa ko dun. Hell. XD

9. Pre-Semestral Break Jitters! To hell with college life. I want vacation! I’m super not-so excited but fairly excited about the sembreak. I want to get a complete good night sleep! I miss eating out, LOLing, and malling with my girlfriends! Puhlease!

10. Everyday is Pigging-out Day! Adeeek ako mga pagkaen sa NORMAL *lang* calamares, mango shake, chicken skin, choco wacko (di ko matandaan ang spelling), at ung crunchy na gilid ng waffle ni chipi! Hakhak! Ayan lang mga ka-adeekan koh these days. Nothing but food. *puff*

These are just 10 of my cruel, wicked and neffy escapades and stuffs that I’ve been too much engrossed about that I forgot to create a post on my almost-forgotten bloggy blog. Wieeh.

PROCRASTINATORS unite TOMORROW! (I just read this kewl whatever dun sa T-shirt nung taong un.)

I’m sooo missing somebody. Balik ganto na naman! Weeenk.

Bus-Ferry … Ferry-Bus … ???

Quote-Unquote (Thoughts become things.) ^_^

I wasted one-ena’half hours lurking at the river-turned terminal (near PNU) only to complete my one-overly-messed-up day.

Nothing could be more terrible than riding an air conditioned bus which happened to have its aircon shot. Fine, ordinary fare, but.. the heck?!?! I had spent 3 hours with my whole being clammy and it effin killed me, almost. Plus! The window can’t be open. I nearly died of suffocation. Grrr. Tragic. Tragic. Tragic. Ugh.

Anyway, biting into the less dimmer side, 2 classes were postponed because of the rain. Hurrah! ha.. ha..

Aug. 02 was my mom’s birthday. bleep-bleep.

And, finally! Me and my HS dabarkadz ate out in an almost complete attendance. It was sooo great. ^_^ I’m missing them agad. Haikz.

I wish everyday was…


Looser with a shadow. Love it.

Title’s about? Nah. Just a new, beyond-CS jargon. ^_^

Best things really happen when you least expect. Tragedies too, though.

Anyways, I started my day irate because, aside from sleeping on the stiff, narrow sofa in the living room, I woke up with all the throw pillows on the floor which I must’ve kicked off the couch while I was asleep, with an 8 o’clock mom’s-voice-alarm! Eeekk! It effin completed my day. T’sucks. It’s quite a long story why I wasn’t able to go to our bedroom last night, which, too, was because of my ‘rents.

Today’s krrr.. fiesta! My uncs and aunts… and my mom.. [right..] were so busy preparing all the dishes for the v(w)isitors. And me? I want to do nothing. I just want to get some more sleep. But there’s also nothing that I could do to escape from the chores. So.. blah-blah-blah..

At around 8pm, my same old brand new HS friends came, and we decided to drop by Villa Munsod to watch the Battle of the Bands. We waited for like.. half an hour before the event began only to be disappointed. I have no more than a “huh?”-reaction. And yah, the amateur bands were all losers with a shadow. Kiddin’. ^_^

We wasted another 30 minutes to hear some more eardrum-shattering band “noises” and finally started walking home, when the rain suddenly poured heavily. We were all soakin’ wet, so we just resorted to staying at Bert’s abode. And another half an hour was spent, after that we finally.. as in finally.. hopped in a trike and went home.

Whew! Another boring post. Another wasted weekend. *bow*

(~wantertin~ I just hope we won’t get lost looking for Philam Theater.)

Triple-E Triple-W dot yuck – stray cat.

The heck? I’m having a pretty long hang-over with that expression.

Thanks chard. If you might read this. ^_^

I have been too much hectic these days that I can’t even polish my shoes. I spent my whole day @ PNU with my super happy block mates; so happy that we were not able to come up with something for this Sabayang Bigkas thingy.

On my way home, riding the ever bumpy, almost nauseatic ferry. Ahm, just happen to read the sign Beware of Propellers. Hmm? Anung hayop kea ang propeller? harhar ^_^ *kring.kring* joke joke.

What could be the easiest, most merciful way of turning down a ‘somebody’? *sigh*

Malapit na ‘kong malunod sa mga reports. Argh.

That’s all folks. ^_^

Haha.. Happy Meal ^_^

My life has been full of unexpected stuffs lately.

PO The Panda ^_^

FYI, I had a not-so-worth-the-price hair cut yesterday. Fine would best describe it. Grrr. I’m planning to have it re-styled this Saturday. I would never go back to that salon again. After that, my Ate and I went to McDonald’s because she haven’t been there for some months now. Anyway, the highlight was, that picture up there! With my “isip-bata mode”, I asked her to buy me a happy meal. Right. A happy meal with a toy included in it. Never mind that I’m already 16 yrs. old. ^_^

Anti-Mosquito Sabotage!

Another thing, with all those mosquitoes, which, too, I consider very much “unwanted”, sabotaging my good night sleep, I always keep an OFF! on my bed side table slash chair. ^_^ Never mind.

I had my Video City Membership Card today! And borrowed 4 goodie-goofy-good movies. Time for another movie marathon! Yay!

I also had a rather unexpected than unwanted visit from my Aunt. And, the good part was?.. Kling-kling.. 200 bucks. Hard works always pay. ^_^

As for my Indulgence Week.. I bought 3 packs of potato chips, and my all-time favorite, chili cheese boy bawang. Another hurrah! haha..

Today’s weather has been hellishly humid. *nyaargh*