Panda: Almost a degree-holder :)

I first started blogging when I was 15. High school. Senior year. Same age, same year when I was for the first time able to finish a novel. (It was, of course, an accomplishment, then.) Same age, same year, when I first had my haircut in a salon. Seriously. It had always been my mom cutting my hair, until then. Same age, same year, when I realized that I have bigger dreams in life. Hahaha! ^-^

Writing has since been my outlet to relieve myself of these bits of emotion I couldn’t for some reasons express verbally and get out of my chest–when I’m mad… mad at the world, mad at stupid people, mad at my self, or mad…ly in love. Hahaha! ^-^ During these times, I turn to writing. Or blogging [level-up!] *szhingg!*

Here are a few fast facts about, yours truly:


these are no Teddies. my growing collection of Panda-lalalas!

some time in my HS Senior year, I decided to collect these cute, and cuddly creatures. inanimate ones, of course.

(sometimes) better than movies! 10 novels done. 8 to go! ^-^

triple the trouble

got two lovely siblings (ate nina & ate jec)

Sophomore year in college just ended. That makes me a Junior English Major next semester. Whew! Sounds like a hell lot of hard work–papers, demo teaching, compendium, lesson plans, plantilla, and whatnot! Oh God help me. ^-^

PANDACENTRIC UNIVERSE – A new realm to express my ever whimsical thoughts; fictitious or not.

Read and ponder.Ā  Have fun! And don’t forget to drop by my Facebook profile! šŸ™‚

P.S. I’d be more than happy to hear from you! Drop some comments. ^-^


5 responses to this post.

  1. Speaking of Pandas, may nakita akong soooper kyut t-shirt sa St. Pransis.

    Hulaan mo kung anong print…

    Siyempre PANDA! Isang malaking panda.

    Hankyut nga eh. Bibilhin ko sana para sayo, tapos ibebenta ko ng may pagkalaki-laking patong. (lols)

    Seriously, pag nakita mo yung shirt na yun, hankyut talaga.

    Sooooper panda collectible. (^o~)


  2. ow? bihira lang kxe qng mapdpad ng seynt pransis.

    *sayang* gagalugarin q nga un minsan. ang hirap maghanap ng panda sa pilipinas. bat ganun.

    mei nkita qng istobeli na couch (or salampakan) sa mega. haha. sa isang shop ng mga gamit sa pagtulog un eh. kyut kyut. ^-^


  3. wheeee. alam mo ba, madali lang makita yung panda shirt na yun sa seynt pransis. at dahil napapadalas ang punta ko dun ngayon, may nakita pa kong isa pang panda shirt.

    nagkakamali ka. andami kong nakikitang panda collectible nowadeys.


    gusto mo bilhin mo ung salampakan bibilhin ko ung shirt para sayo.


    halata nman kng cno luge.

    jok lang!! (^o~)

    pero excited na ko para sayo. hantingin mo na yung mga shirt na yun sa seynt pransis.


  4. ahmm.. pag-iicpan q pa ng matagal kung cno luge ah? ^_^ hihi..

    mei YM kba? klasmeyt keo ni julie anne dber?


  5. Posted by bluepadpaper on August 27, 2008 at 2:05 pm

    waw. panda buff. pareho kayo ni leona… šŸ˜€
    blog hop hop.


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