The Annoying Orange isn’t annoying at all.

“Hey.. hey apple.. Hey! Hey! Apple.. apple!

Can you do this? Nyah..nyah..nyah..blub..blub..blub..pfft..pllbbttt..”

So friggin’ hilarious. Can’t stop laughing! That’s why I don’t find him annoying.  Daneboe [director slash artist slash editor of  the The Annoying Orange clip] must be hell bored to put up that kind of animated orange flick! A bit nonsense, Yes. I’m nonetheless entertained. Who cares?

I was thinking… If Orange was a real person, he would, undoubtedly, be labeled KSP. Must be a lonely child seeking for attention. That’s what I think. Hahaha ^-^ Or simply an orange, trying to search for himself to fit in. Wew. Okay. Whatever. I know. I know. ^-^

“Hey… Pear!” 🙂


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