Malja O. succumbed to heat stroke. Tragic.


Yeah. He’s our family friend/pest/toy/past time/pet hamster. Too bad, he’s suppose to be a year old this December. *tears.. That’s bad slash good news.

In loving memories of Malja O.
In loving memories of Malja O.

Malja O.’s death’s Bad news:

1. What the hell should we do with his food left-overs?

2. Who the hell would use the hamster ball?

3. No more stress-reliever for my mom.


Malja O.’s death’s Good news:

1. No more gastos for his’ sunflower seeds, etc.

2. No more squealing hamsties at midnight! *hoorah!* Because they’re freakin’ nocturnal, ayt?

3. Stress free ME! ^-^

And.. that’s the latest news.

Let’s pray for the eternal repose of Malja O.’s soul. Thanks. 😀


7 responses to this post.

  1. huhuhu…

    oh my GOD… time for sobbing for your hamster but i know you’re in happy state right now because of his death… haha!!!

    anyways…, condolences.

    dnt 4get to tell tita cecil that i wil pray for your hamster’s eternal repose of its instinct… (because it doesn’t have a soul… my prof. in philo told that to us…) haha!!!



  2. (dheL)weenk. mei soul kea cla. and besides, mei animal instinct rin nman ang human. dbeerr. ^_____^ tnx nwei. mumultuhin ka nian cgee. hakhak!


  3. Posted by Jonell on October 28, 2008 at 3:28 am

    Kawawlaa naman siya.


  4. Posted by Mary Grace on October 28, 2008 at 10:32 am

    sumalangit nawa. XD
    ang kyut kyut naman nun.


  5. hay sayang kyut pa naman. dapat kasi stuffed toy na lang binili mo. heheh 😆


  6. ankyut pa naman…

    nakakailang pet ka na?


  7. hala. ngayon ko lang nabsa ang mga komento na ito. haha! ^___^

    nako, si Malja ay salbaheng hamstie. pinatay nia ung naunang hamstie nameen. nwei, aside from hamsties, meron kameng fishies. marameng mrameng tetra. leeyow, bawal kasi saken ang mga furry animals, allergic ako sa kanila. hehe. ^___^ di na kita nakasabay uyet sa fairy ah.

    bless you all! ^___^


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