Surreal Superheroes suck.

How I wish Justice League exists.

or at least, Power Puff Girls. Hak! I actually love their theme song…

“Fighting crimes, trying to save the world!”

But, *hell* they don’t.

Just to share the news, my HS best friend’s sister passed away yesterday – shot three times (head, abdomen and thigh); got brain dead after some hours inside the operating room and eventually…


I could hardly explain how I felt for her and for her family. I was trying to put myself in her shoe. Fact is, I was never really good at giving advices on suchlike matters. I just quietly stayed by her side, trying to put things together, while holding her hands tight. All I can do was pray. *tears..

*sigh* God let things happen -always- for the best reason.

(These are just the quick details I could give out)

I’m asking for your prayers. Please do.

God bless everyone! *sigh*


One response to this post.

  1. narinig ko na kung ano nangyari kei aina.
    yea, tragic. and creepy.


    grabee talaga.

    di naman kami klows pero gusto ko siya icomfort.



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