Look at me mom.. LSS.. ^-^

Swear! I keep on mumbling that (stupid) lyrics from Shawie’s commercial. Grrr. Can’t get rid of it.

And.. hell days are ‘almost’ over. Thank God.

I finished another novel today. *big.grin* Tell Me Your Dreams. Sheldon Novel. ^-^ An unusual story. The antagonist was also the protagonist. The main character, Ashley Patterson was not jailed in spite of castrating and murdering five men. (The plot was soo twisted! Rather expected from the master storyteller though. Heh.) It’s because she is suffering from MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder) or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). I remembered reporting about this back in HS. Nwei. So instead of locking her up, she was sent to an asylum to cure her. Lucky girl. She had 2 alter egos pala, Toni and Alette. And Toni was responsible for the murders. Kewl.

I learned that a person suffering from MPD commonly names her alters according to her initials. As for Ashley Patterson -that’s an A.P.- she had an Alette Peters and an Antoinette (Toni) Prescott.

So next time you commit a crime. Tell everyone your innocent, and it was your alter who did it.

~ Sweet Escape ~ Hahaha!

Going back to my real world. I scored okay with my midterm exams in Philippines History. I’m done with my strenuous report in Physical Science. I did well in my happy quiz in Math, i just screw up a bit in my Values Ed. exam. This coming Tuesday, we’ll be having a re-take on our Phil. His. midterm, repeating every bit of torment on reviewing the whole story of the Spanish Period. Hell. Hell. Hell. Hopefully, I’d do better. Err.

This week I’m up for the pseudo-extemporaneous speech, as my prof. termed it. And up to this point, my imaginary friends are still arguing which of my nonsense topic should I take. My first choice was to talk about the “greener pasture” of daydreaming and the other was to talk about *drum.rolls* the blogosphere! Yah I got it. They are both non-listener friendly topics but when I consulted ma’am academic-listening-and-speaking she rather commented it with a “both topics are good” and a hundreds of BUT blah-blah-blah. And all I did was nod, or say “right ma’am”, “i understand”, “okay”. I got her point anyway. Also, she told me, to change my title about daydreaming and it will be fine because she don’t want me persuading my classmates that daydreaming is a good thing. Well, it sure is. Are there any other euphemisms? God help me. Oh, I texted her earlier if I could shift to discussing the 7 deadly sins and here’s what she replied – “It’s pretty long and i don’t think the audience would want to hear about the 7 capital sins. Choose a more positive topic for a speech NOT a sermon.” Wehehe. Got it.

I can feel the heat of Christmas! Whew. It’s effin hot. Global warming? It’s soo overrated. It sucks when the air is exaggeratedly humid and even if Mr. Gravity has been exaggeratedly acting upon your eyelids, you just can’t sleep because your house just turned into an exaggeratedly huge sauna and there’s nothing else to turn to but the exaggeratedly worn out electric fan! – my best friend. That’s how exaggeratedly my day went. Aside from texting ’til my thumb swelled. That’s another hyperbole. *ching*

[Oops! And.. at the middle of my making this post, it suddenly rain. Hard. Argh. Great. *sarcasm*]

Sept. 01 is PNU’s Foundation Day and we’ll be having a parade! *grin* No classes? *fingers crossed*

I got a new definition for NBSB – No Boyfriend Since Break-up. KewL.

Therefore, I’m still an NBSB. Hak. *maipilit* Haha! ^-^ Now I can go to bed.


13 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by bluepadpaper on September 3, 2008 at 12:10 pm

    ah ung identity disorder na parang nasa Dr. Jekyll and mr. hyde din. hehe. naalala ko nung 1st yr hs. 🙂

    *katuwa naman nagpost ka na rin*


  2. Posted by xixichigo on September 3, 2008 at 6:05 pm

    alam mo ba sabi sakin ni Febe sooooper weird daw ni frankie at myel. eeek. parang papatay daw ng tao.

    alam mo may nabasa na kong novel na ganyan pero si Jonathan Kellerman ang nag-sulat.


    Hindi naman halata na peborit mo si Sidney Sheldon?



  3. (bluepadpaper) o’ngah. nagiintay rin aq ng mga post sa blog moh ee! haha ^-^

    (ichigo) wahaha! tlga? kxe anak ni Sharon kea, pinapalampas na lang. hak! chanak. nakow! nde ahh. wahaha! ^-^ hirap ngang maghanap ng libro nia ee. nanghihiram na lang ako kei ma’am bonifacio, feyborit din nia un ee.


  4. nahihirapan ka maghanap?
    try mo sa BOOKSALE (sa Mega)
    marami yatang sidney sheldon dun eh.


  5. uhm? not sure. ginalugad koh na kxe ang mga booksale. ala qng makita. isang beses plang akong sineswerte mkakita ng nobela nia. haayy. enx.


  6. hakhak

    naku shledon kase eh kya asteeg


    ‘nung kors mo?





  7. talking bout books…

    saan makakabili ng mura?…


    kahit paperback basta maganda…

    depende ba yun sa author?

    kinahumalingan ko lang na libro ay gawa ni jkr…tapos yung mga libro dun sa library ng rhs… tsk… tapos…

    somebody introduced me to paulo coelho…




  8. (rimewire) educ. sa PNU. but i’m still having second thoughts about my majorship so to speak. =C you said it… grabee i’m suuper mad about sheldon novels. eeekk! ^_^

    (leeyow) ever gone to BOOKSALE? *sbi nga ni ichigo* mei mga tigpi-pipteen pesos na libro dun ee. kaso, medjo nasasayangan aq, kxe pag di q trip author di q binabasa tlga. weeenk. choosy. haha! ung price ‘ata depende sa kondisyon ng book, popularity ng author *ngah* tapos sa recentness nung book. mhrap maghanap ng mga libro ng kesho best-selling authors eklavarvah. =p pinaka-abundant mga books nila danielle steel (super), patricia cornwell, anne rice, at john grisham. plage qng nkkta ee! haha ^-^


  9. salamat!!!



  10. wow! i loooove Sheldon Novel also. 😉


  11. Posted by xixichigo on September 15, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    ui, dito na ko sa –
    -lumipat. hehe.


  12. hakhak


    natuwa naman aku dun





  13. Posted by Jonell on September 17, 2008 at 7:00 pm

    Busy ha.


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