745 Harhariffic!

Everyone talks about the weather but no one does anything about it.

~Kelly Harris, Are you Afraid of the Dark? Sheldon Novel

I super enjoyed this novel! Wiieehh. Another unfolded mystery. Whew! uber hands-down to Sidney. ^_^ *clap.clap* I adore his writings.

Yiniwei, I already wrapped up (which I consider) a major [Phil. His.] and a minor [Eco.] report just last week. I’m completely relieved, but still anxious, because I have 2 more major and minor reports to go. A little disclosure, I didn’t actually know why until this time, I’m still panic-stricken whenever I talk or even just stand in front of a crowd. The feeling is totally awkward and inexplicable. Y’see, I’ve done a lot of public speeches and yet, I’m still engulfed by a reign of terror every time I do so. Yee ryt. Looser. Tsk Tsk Tsk. I’m still hoping that I would get over with it as soon as… when?

Ooh, BTW, last Aug. 13, that’s a Wednesday, we had our field trrrip!!! It was hell of a trip. I enjoyed most of the time, because I’m seated next to our class “clown”, who happened to be eekie_bear. Wait! I’m tammy_bear, BTW. And we call our section, Pamilya ng Oso. I kind of started these bear names thingy *paOso*, and it was surprisingly F-U-N. Weennk. And yah, we started revising our family tree [again]. It’s disastrous, ryt. Who the hell would think of doing such a thing? Ugh. Kame lang. =P

And here comes another throbbing pain from my system’s think tank. Awww. I’m just not so used to sleeping on time; it has been causing me stress. I sort of got used to it anyway.

Read Bob Ong’s Ang Alamat ng Gubat? and Ang Paboritong Libro ni Hudas? It was like a looong blog post pala. Now I know why people are so engrossed with his hilarious and entertaining books. Thanks to Drew! Weenkk. Special mention.

Am I thinking-typing gibberish now? W’ever.

All I know is that, I’m crushing on someone. Let’s just nickname him MJ, which I found handwritten on his filthy bag. Okay. I’m soo happy for myself last Friday. Ryt. Ryt. And what, or should I say, who else makes me this happy? you-know-who. There’s this cutie, with a boy-next-door aura, fair complexion, with a meek pair of brown eyes, forget about the nose, and well-shaped lips, about 3 inches taller than me, masculine, plus! no gaydar alarm. Swear! Yes. Who happened to be schooling at UE, just some kilometers away from PNU. Great! I was behind him, and he was totally oblivious that I was already setting “our” plans in life. Haha! Kidding. I was trying to recognize some scent of perfume but there was none. Awww… In the middle of my almost drowning reverie, eeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkk!!! He turned around and talked to me. Wait. I almost faint, didn’t I? Hak. Pulse rate? Dead. And suddenly told myself, -act natural- Fine. W’ever. And he said, “Ahm.. Miss, itatapon ko lang ‘to.” While pointing to his empty cup of McFloat. Sabay walkout. I can’t really distinguish why I — I… I… hell..! toinkz. All I was able to do was, nod. And he went back, without any more words. Ganun lang kababaw. At masaya na ko dun.

I was able to ride an FX at 9am, and I was right, I was late for my first class [Pers. Ed.], first late in my just-starting college (hi)story! Awww. Crap. So I just dawdle around the campus while happily sipping my mango shake, I bought a new pony tail and finally, rested (while reflecting on my blah-blah, whatever it might be called, that happened just an hour earlier) under the indistinguishable tree at the heart, (or was it just the liver?) of PNU. Haha. Should I suffer this consequence? Hell.

After the dismissal, it rained cats and dogs again. But, for some reasons, I didn’t get wet this time. Yey!

I got home safe and sound… ^_^

Doing repetitive and illogical things are signs of being stressed.

Stressed ka ba?

Me? I totally am. I asked my prof. if redundantly opening the fridge without any sensible business a symptom? and she directly told me… with a quick glance on my name tag, “Yes, Fatima that may be a sign of you being stressed.” [She called me by my name!] I just told myself, Sure. Whatever.

People will never leave you the way they found you. Makes sense, right?

Thanks to Him.


5 responses to this post.

  1. NOSEBLEED. Haha.

    (^_^) *Clap-clap*

    Ito yata so far ang longest post mo, ne?


  2. di na kxe masusundan. haha! ^_^

    bigla lang aq, nagtype ng nagtype. *aning*

    ehehe. chige. ^_^


  3. panda buff!



    parang nagkaron ng adrenalin rush sa post mo… basta… nung binasa ko siya…parang ganon… hahaha…

    you might have a hyper life…

    stressed ka na nga…

    same tayo nang problema…

    nasanay na akong matulog ng maaga… as in… 1am…

    my mom called me INSOMNIAC…



  4. Posted by bluepadpaper on August 28, 2008 at 11:11 am

    cute naman, pamilya ng oso…

    Doing repetitive and illogical things are signs of being stressed.

    homaygulay… stressed nga ako. waaa! hirap magcollege.

    rhs nga ako galing… how did you know??? at ngaun andito ako sa pup-coc, ang tahanan ng mga bading… wahaha. andami ngang cute guys dito pero cute guys din hanap nila. wawa naman kaming mga gals…
    oo, nabobobo rin ako. grabe. pathetic ako.

    mamats sa comment. ๐Ÿ™‚
    *naghihintay ng bagong post…hehe*


  5. lesson namen un sa values ed. eh, hands down aq sa prof. q dun. karespe-respeto tlga cia. weehehe. idoL. ^-^

    ahh.. wala lang.. feeling q lang na rizalian ikaw, kxe prang konek konek keo nila kristine.. ^-^ xow, ksali ka nun sa DSSPC?

    oo grabe.. usong uso ang mga gwapingz na bading! super sayang talaga.. bad3p.. ^-^

    osha.. after cguro ng mga hell days q mkkpgpost nq uyet..

    tnx tnx.. ^-^


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