Looser with a shadow. Love it.

Title’s about? Nah. Just a new, beyond-CS jargon. ^_^

Best things really happen when you least expect. Tragedies too, though.

Anyways, I started my day irate because, aside from sleeping on the stiff, narrow sofa in the living room, I woke up with all the throw pillows on the floor which I must’ve kicked off the couch while I was asleep, with an 8 o’clock mom’s-voice-alarm! Eeekk! It effin completed my day. T’sucks. It’s quite a long story why I wasn’t able to go to our bedroom last night, which, too, was because of my ‘rents.

Today’s krrr.. fiesta! My uncs and aunts… and my mom.. [right..] were so busy preparing all the dishes for the v(w)isitors. And me? I want to do nothing. I just want to get some more sleep. But there’s also nothing that I could do to escape from the chores. So.. blah-blah-blah..

At around 8pm, my same old brand new HS friends came, and we decided to drop by Villa Munsod to watch the Battle of the Bands. We waited for like.. half an hour before the event began only to be disappointed. I have no more than a “huh?”-reaction. And yah, the amateur bands were all losers with a shadow. Kiddin’. ^_^

We wasted another 30 minutes to hear some more eardrum-shattering band “noises” and finally started walking home, when the rain suddenly poured heavily. We were all soakin’ wet, so we just resorted to staying at Bert’s abode. And another half an hour was spent, after that we finally.. as in finally.. hopped in a trike and went home.

Whew! Another boring post. Another wasted weekend. *bow*

(~wantertin~ I just hope we won’t get lost looking for Philam Theater.)


5 responses to this post.

  1. hahaha.. i think watching battle of the bands is a cool thing to do. 🙂


  2. that has never been a problem to me. i’ll add you in my blog roll too!! 🙂


  3. ayaw ko din ng battle of the bands dahil nga sobrang ingay. pero guess what?

    last week lang kasali ako sa banda ng church na lumaban sa isa ngang giyera-ng-mga-banda.


    Sabi ni julie tinanong mo daw siya kung sino si….


    Prof. Darwin.

    Haha. 😀

    lab it.


  4. Rizalian ka ba? Galing magsulat ha. 😀


  5. aikz. bazta maingay ang mga banda dun. with matching choreo pa. haikz. prameez. kakila-kilabot.


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