MsoNormal ;)

Days are practically getting normal as I normally try to cope with my not-so-normal getting-a-life catch-22 (whatever catch-22 meant). Teehee.

Yiniwei, I happen to bump into some once in a lifetime unfortunate, quite foolish and hilarious event I will ever have. Just last last last week, (or I can simply say 2nd week of June), an odd, apparently grubby hobo barged in our compound asking for alms. He was quite ordinary but what made him different was his being finicky. He handed his filthy solicitation letter written on a carton (of cigarette, I suppose) with some sort of ancient writings, which are impossible to decipher, or was it calligraphy or hieroglyphic? Oh well, so much for the details. What my dad did, which my mom told him to do, was give the poor fellow the unfortunate leftovers in the kitchen. And so he did. Guess what? He strongly refused the good offer. I was like all-whoah, I mean, huh? Choosy’ng pulube. His’ lost.

Another thing is, going home has been a routinely torment for my daily survival. Yikes! Getting off buses is really testing my flexibility stance. I feel like a ham being pulled from a tightly packed sandwich. Anything worst? *yaargh* It’s bearable though.

And… as for my piece of torture on my feet – my shoes, it has been getting along well with my fussy feet. Errr.

And… my late Christmas gift for myself… My very own tote bag… Yey! Finally… plus! a Sidney Sheldon novel. Everything is fittingly natural… (excluding the professors, laborious reports and nonstop reading! hmp.)

Nothing’s weird though.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by xixichigo on July 23, 2008 at 5:07 pm

    haroo! napadaan lang! (^o~)


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