First days always suck.

After a one hell week, i’m feeling better now.

I told myself to write a post only when i already feel “okay”. So, now i’m ow..kay.. ok?

Apparently, and as expected, my first day was a complete disaster. I suffered a complete torture because of my shoes. I had this tatak-kolehiyala or popularly known as PALTOS. Wow, i really am a college student now. Hihi. Well, suffer now. Enjoy later.

Yiniwei, I just want to blog for the sake of clearing and pulling out unwanted thoughts from my sanity. By doing so, I can live more freely everyday. I hope.

Additionally, everyday is a clammy-crappy day. Whew! I’m really sweatin’ it out. I haven’t lost some pounds though. Too bad. And, I always have my hair pulled back with my neon-colored pony tail, to, at least, lessen the intense perspiration. I mean, intense.

I have gained friends and acquaintances already. Good for me. Hihi.

I just wish things would go on nicely. Forever. LOL.


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