Haha.. Happy Meal ^_^

My life has been full of unexpected stuffs lately.

PO The Panda ^_^

FYI, I had a not-so-worth-the-price hair cut yesterday. Fine would best describe it. Grrr. I’m planning to have it re-styled this Saturday. I would never go back to that salon again. After that, my Ate and I went to McDonald’s because she haven’t been there for some months now. Anyway, the highlight was, that picture up there! With my “isip-bata mode”, I asked her to buy me a happy meal. Right. A happy meal with a toy included in it. Never mind that I’m already 16 yrs. old. ^_^

Anti-Mosquito Sabotage!

Another thing, with all those mosquitoes, which, too, I consider very much “unwanted”, sabotaging my good night sleep, I always keep an OFF! on my bed side table slash chair. ^_^ Never mind.

I had my Video City Membership Card today! And borrowed 4 goodie-goofy-good movies. Time for another movie marathon! Yay!

I also had a rather unexpected than unwanted visit from my Aunt. And, the good part was?.. Kling-kling.. 200 bucks. Hard works always pay. ^_^

As for my Indulgence Week.. I bought 3 packs of potato chips, and my all-time favorite, chili cheese boy bawang. Another hurrah! haha..

Today’s weather has been hellishly humid. *nyaargh*


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