Me and My Miracle Money ^_^

Yesterday was so perfect.

Checking my array of garments -blah.blah.blah- felt like wearing one of my mini skirts. And so I did. While choosing a pairing top, I checked the pockets of my skirt because I felt some bulging object whatsoever. As I reached out for it, I thought it was just a bulk of a crap. But, to my surprise, it was the awesome-est thing to complete my day. I found a wasted-looking roll of money from the skirt. Shocks. I got so lucky. Hurrah! haha…

All through out my crappy day, I had been thinking of what-to-do with the money. I’m so thankful with the “Finders-Keepers” rule.

Today, my day was full of gala-galore (how I termed it). The long-lost IAC sent me a package, oh.. I mean, an envelope with a seal. I have to fetch it from the post office. Goshness. And, I paid P35 to receive it. Only to have a letter and a pin. Another job to do. I have to hand carry it to my high school. Nyaarggh.

That may be everything. Tomorrow is another bibidibabidiboo.

Whew. “We are what we do.” ^_^


One response to this post.

  1. Hi Pachek. 😀 Ate Michelle here. 😉 I find your blog really interesting. Hehe. And you write really well. Galing. 😉

    Anyway, I’ll add you to my blogroll, ha. You can click here to go to my blog. 😉
    (If you can’t click on it, you know what to do. Hehe.)

    See you around, cuz. *hug*


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