Downright Breath-taking!

After four years, I got my tonsils and voice box overworked again. I mean overworked. Almost got my voice hoarse. It’s EK. Never been better.

I’ve never heard all those ear-drum shattering screams since the 5th grade, when I first got there. It’s still as awesome as before. Only, it might have shrunk from my point of view. Y’know. I got a little taller. A “little” – humbly said. And, for the second time, I mean it’s more of a ‘chance’, I did not, even to my faintest imagination, tried that soul-fissioning SPACE SHUTTLE. Right.

Yiniwei, still jammed about the upcoming panda movie. I really want to see that. Hee yah! And, btw, I had signed up to last night and found out lots of mind-feeders. I had checked on the All Time Top 10 favorite and must-see animals in the world. And, pretend that I didn’t know, PANDAS are on the top of the list! Followed by Tigers, Elephants, Polar Bear, Whales, Penguin, Dolphins, Gorilla, Wolves and down to the Top 10 – Lions. Nature is cool. lol. XD

And, my phone is starting to get shot. Grrrr. It’s restarting frequently just like my other phone does. My mom’s gonna kill me if I’d get this phone busted too. Help me, Goddess of CP’s. =P

That’s how my life goes.



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