Tsk.. tsk.. tsk.. A hiccup-filled day…

I overcooked the rice again! Hurrah. (o_O) Duh?

Y’know what, I rarely cook the rice properly. Either somebody takes care of it to be well cooked or I mess up the whole rice-cooking thing. I just don’t like doing that chore. G-r-r-r.

And Mr. SSCBFF visited me again for the third time this week. ^_^ Pillow fights and all that stuff. I very much enjoy his company. Oh and thanks to jake for the Boy Bawang delivery. hihi ^_^

This day ended normally. At noon I had finished Jackass Number Two. That hilarious and the grossest film or can also be called a documentation I’ve watched. They are a hell of masochists. Well, it’s funny though. Torturing and getting their selves bruised. Real masochists. ^_^

After arcee left, I slept again. And woke up at eight. I only had two hours of sleep! Gimme a break. I slept at 2am and woke up at 4am because of the sleep-ruining insects – the mosquitoes. They really are getting into my nerves. Literally. Am I overly warm-blooded? And, when I got up to grab an alcohol, I had this pestering hiccup …arrgghh… that never put me into sleep again. But, good thing I found a cure. I lied on my tummy and *poof* I suddenly felt better. But it didn’t put me to sleep either. I just waited ’til the crack of dawn and watched the yellowish-orange sunlight from the window flood our room. After the stressing incident, I decided to just go down and have my earliest breakfast-of-the-month. Ate my mouth-watering sopas and called mimee boyfriend who just woke up then to tell him the tragic news, it was around 7am, i guess. Whew! Good thing he’s an early bird. Then I did the dishes which were left uncleaned since yesterday, and i’m such an angel to do that. Ok? After which, I scrubbed the floor which my mom asked me to do some three days ago pa. Then watched cartoons. I had plenty of hiccups every hour. Really. I so damn hate it. I wonder why? Then blah-blah-blah.

That’s how exciting my day went. Hopefully yours isn’t as tragic as mine.

Vacation sometimes sucks. Byeii.


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