I’ve been wasted due to boredom. ~_~

It’s been a long and winding journey to finally realize what I just realize. XD

Summer has been going deep down my patience. Getting to my nerves and all that stuff. I’ve been pretty much stressed with all the heat and discomfort. Yeah. But, don’t get me wrong, I reeeaalllyy love my vacation.

Yesterday was almost perfect. Only, I wasn’t able to buy my phone a new housing. So here’s what happened. We watched Strange Wilderness at em-em (SM Megamall). At 6pm we were already comf’tably seated on three of the hundreds of available seats. There was one hilarious scene in the movie where a not-so-famous guy leaned forward, exposing his back and his pink thong. Well, it’s not really a point of ridicule for me. It would probably just make me giggle if not for one of the people who outrageously laughed at that seemingly juncture of a laughing stock for him. I can never forget that laugh. He almost fell off of his chair! Goshee! He was really entertained, I could tell. That’s hell of a movie.

On our way home, while letting the street light touch my face and getting into my reverie. My eldest sister broke the silence and said, “Patchek, mahal ka namen.” And then, chuckles follow. ^_^ I was unconscious that I’ve been staring out of the vehicle’s window for some minute by then, boring my sight on one of the time-and-temperature forecaster machine or whatever its common name would be.

Yesterday was fine. A normal busy day.

Today was cool. I woke up at 10:30 and had my late breakfast and early lunch. For some three hours or so, I’ve been going to and fro the sala and the kitchen. Checking my phone. Opening the cabinets. Checking the fridge. Sit and Stare. Those whatsoever nonsense acts of mine due to boredom. And by 2:30pm, I ended up watching the movies I created last week. By 3pm, attempting to make another, a so much familiar voice caught my ears, calling me. And there he was. My boyfriend. Arcee finally paid a visit. I’ve been arguing with myself since last Thursday if he would come or not. I never really requested him to come here. ^_^ It’s a hackneyed reason (Thou shalt not ask). And, another hour, Rhodel and Santille came banging the doors wildly. Teehee (n_n). Kidding. They went to hand over the stuffs I’ve left at school, those tupperwares. After some minute, I came to realize that I’ve been missing my classmates. Uh? We’ll see each other on May 8 anyway. Weehoo! Chweeming. It’s a cheesy feeling to be happy that we are finally college students and moving up with our preferred choices and the like. Yeehaw! We’re soarin’. Flyin’. (n_n)

This day ended with me typing while talking (or vice versa) in front of our mosquito-inviting computer.

Be happy! Watch Kung Fu Panda, premiere on June 06.



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