Headache and Movie Marathons. Mimee ^___^

How’s my world going? It’s basically revolving around the basics.

It’s not the best and certainly not the worst. Told yah. A panda’s life is much too simple. Much too simple. I’ve been dealing with all these teenage emotional dilemma and stuffs. And , it was even more complicated than I had imagined it. Grrr. It’s bearable, though.

Yiniwei, I’m heading back to PNU on May 06. And what an unfortunate surprise, it’s our first monthsary. How great. I guess, I have to deal with it. We’d get along with it. Just perfectly. lol. Good luck.

As i was doing my routine at FS, i found my horoscope saying, I still have this strong willpower whatsoever. And, i just have to abstain whatever I have to abstain until I get over with it. It’s sort of killing me. I don’t understand a thing. But, it obviously relate a lot to me. Beehh. =P Mimee.

I finished 4 movies in a row yesterday. And, another today. It’s fun, but my headache is slowly succumbing my sanity. But, I’m sure enjoying it to bits. Piracy rocks. hihihi ^_^. What’a villain. It’s cool to have these oh-so affordable 40 or even 60-in-one DVD collections.

To God be the glory. Woohoo. Enjoy our vacation!

Byebye! Ciao! (n_n)


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