A “shake-full” day

So, what is my everyday all about? Uh… Endless cravings for mango shake!!!

And, to top my day, as always, I’ve been so much busy refilling our llanera with crystal clear H2O just to have those shakes. Everyday was a success. Thank God, my mom was so clever to buy that blender. Whew! Life saver. I’d be dying this very moment if not for that blender.

Oh well, so much for my wonderful and sumptuous mango shakes and the like.

I got this new blog because I don’t think friendster really intends its users to blog. Are they just coerced to add one? Duh. It isn’t even necessary. I guess so. Ok. Maybe, not for me.

Anyway, I’ve been so much happy with my life and I’m pretty sure that things would go on as smooth as it is for the next day and the next. Hopefully, I’d be able to finish everything that I should for the upcoming enrollment, most probably on May. I’m thrilled about what I will do for my first school year in college. But, as scared as any freshie would be though. Whatever happens, I won’t regret that I had chosen PNU. It’s not a bad decision at all, is it?

Blah-blah-blah. Oh, and what about all of my panda stuffs? Nah-dah. I’m just so fond with exploring their nature, habits and the like. Nothing more. Not that I would want to see one in person. Err… why not? XD

I just hope my classmates would find me here. hihihi ^____^

I love everyone and everything around me. Byeii. Keep safe!


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